Water struck at the height of drought

Two years after we were in the field it pleased the Lord to give us 5 cents of land to build a small house.  Half the amount came from my parents who gave us a small lump saying that we should keep some money in deposit as we had three small children and any emergency might come any time.  But we knew better.  We did not require any emergency money as the Lord is there to provide any need any time.   So I approached a land lord who was selling his land and we gave him half the amount as advance asking him to give us six months time to pay the other half and the agreement was made.  To our great surprise we received a lump amount as gift the following week from a friend of ours who got married around that time    So we bought that piece of land in less than a month  instead of waiting for six months!  God’s ways are always mysterious.

We planned a 400 sft. brick house and tiled roof with insulation as the Nilgiris would be very chill in winter.  Unknown to any man any where the house was completed by March ’82.  Our parents came visiting us then as our fourth baby was born then.  She was born 20 days before due date on the l0th of March when the unusual alignment of planets took place!   Parents were greatly surprised not only at the child, but also at the completed house waiting for plastering.  They gave us money for plastering after they went back home.

Behind the house in one corner of the land we marked an area for a Safety Tank and stared digging 12’x6’ area.  When we reached about 4 or 5 feet, I said to myself,  “Why can’t this be a well instead of a Safety Tank?”  We had faced heavy water shortage in the rented house that we were staying.    In the Nilgiris there is water shortage and people depend on government supplies or nearby brooks for their water needs.  In our place there was no government supply as our house plot was away from village and the brook nearby was not very hygienic.  So depending on the Lord and asking Him for grace, we changed our plan and began to dig down 6’x6’ below that level.  I hired a coolie and between two of us within a month we dug about 20’ deep.  Any one looking into the well can see our unprofessional work as the well is kind of zigzag in shape!  Fortunately from top to bottom it was soft brownish yellow rock under the earth and we picked bit by bit with a pickaxe as we dug down.  Though moisture was found after about l5’ we did not find any trace of any spring in the well.  So we left the work undone for a whole year.

When we opened our house in May that year, we asked the brethren from Young Men’s Evangelical Fellowship to come and stay there for two days for Bible Study and prayer.  Several joined us at the time and Bro. Yesudas of Karamadai assembly was there in the group – himself a water diviner.  He examined the unfinished well and said we could strike water in one two feet below.  He also said there were two strong streams running through the place where we dug.  We could have missed both if we had dug five feet away either way!

But we had to wait a whole year before we could muster some money to dig deeper.  By May we started living in our new house.   We used water from the nearby brook till the following March when the brook was showing sings of becoming dry.

During 1983 February there was a very heavy drought all over India.  It was so heavy that as never before government was supplying water by railway wagons to several villages. On the 1st of March we called three laborers and they went down into our well and cleared some rubbles and dug only one more foot and we struck water in our well!  By evening on the same day we were able to draw water with a bucket from our well.  I said we would not dig deeper because during this severest drought if we have so much water, this source would be more than enough for us.  Thus with just one day we stopped the work.  We stayed in that house till l99l and there was more than enough water for several families in that well. 


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