To UK for studies…

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When the letter came form SIL, I replied accepting the offer to attend the interview.  I said I would come if only the whole family would be allowed to go.  Later I found out that they were planning it for families only.  The Interview was at Danishpet in Salem.  It was for a whole month.  During that month they actually taught us what we would be learning in SIL and they wanted to take candidates who were able to do well in studies.

Time came for our interview.  It fell exactly during the first term break.  So I did not have to ask permission form the college to go for the interview.  We were selected to go to UK though we did not have a sponsor with whom we would work when we came back to India.  SIL simply trusted us when we said we would come back to work among tribals.
Missionary Max Liddle of New Zealand was there at UTC doing his M.Th.    I told him of the Lord’s leading in my life and it was he who drafted a letter to the college asking permission for me to go to UK in the middle of the course though I was a scholarship student.  The college graciously granted permission to go provided I wrote the University Exam from UK.

We went to England during the middle of February.  I had gotten permission from the  senate of Serampore that I would write my exam in April from England under the Supervision of the Reading University with which SIL is affiliated.  In April I wrote my M.Th.  exam for Serampore from England, supervised by SIL staff.  In fact they gave me exemption from attending SIL classes as exactly the same subjects were covered during the month of interview.

After the exam was over, daughter’s cancer surprised all of us.  There were students from 140 countries doing the SIL course and we were prayed for literally all over the world! Joyce had to be with the child in the hospital in London for 40 days for radium treatment. Because she was a nursing mother she was given a separate room in the hospital as the child was treated.  Otherwise no one was allowed to stay in the hospital. Neither we nor our sponsors were asked to pay anything to the hospital for treatment. So it did not incur a financial burden on any. It was one of the two places in the world where child cancer was researched.   After the 40 day radium treatment, she was brought home and we had to take the child every three weeks to the hospital.  Several friends both from SIL and High Wycombe Gospel Hall where we went for Sunday worship took turns and did this so beautifully.  We did not have to worry as to how to take the child to London every three weeks.

We had to stay in England for a whole year more to continue her treatment.  So after the summer course was over, we were given a family accommodation with all facilities. SIL who sponsored us to England found it difficult to calculate the amount needed for our stay there now because I was to do my thesis for which I had to meet my professor twice a week in London and go to library which was in Oxford three days a week along with the family expenses.  So they decided that I could go to the bursar every week and request for the amount needed for that week.   In other words we had now 50 open cheques as our allotment!  It surprised everyone when I took only the scholarship sum we availed as normal students previously.    


2 thoughts on “To UK for studies…

  1. Dada this is Blessy. Hope u r doing good. I Read about Papa. May I know what type of Cancer she had? What kind of treatment did they give her? Was it just chemo or?

  2. Заметил такую тенденцию, что в блогах появилось много не адекватных комментариев, не могу понять, это что кто то спамит так? А зачем, чтоб падлу комуто сделать))) Имхо глупо…

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