Shy stricken boy

Though very mischievous and knotty in secret, in public I remained shy stricken boy.  I shy away from people even after my Pre University days.  It would be difficult for some one to extract my name of my tongue!

When I was at Kanakppalam with my grand parents where they had a big joined family,
once  I was asked by an aunt to go to the shop and get a kilo of table salt before lunch.  I got a 2 anna coin in my pocket and started running towards the shop which was about l.5 kms. away. As I reached nearer the shop, my speed  slowly came down.  By the time I reached the shop the speed was like that of a snail. 

I slowly got to the verandah of the shop and in the corner there was a post there and started standing there in the corner holding on to the post for some time.  The shop owner noticed me and he was a former student of my grand father, recognizing who I was came to me and asked me what I wanted.  He noticed a coin in my pocket and knew that I had come to purchase something.  He would try his best to find out why I came.  But I stood there with my mouth tightly closed for hours.  In between he would go and cater to the needs of other customers and come back to me when he was free.  But I stood there for more than two hours with no words coming out of my mouth!  Finally, he was fed up and gave up on me.

Eventually, the shop owner would go for his lunch and I would still stand there for some more time.  Seeing no one was watching me, I would slowly come down to the road and start my journey back to reach home to see every one at home had had their lunch and was resting.  I would quietly go to my room and come out for the four o’clock tea at which time I would have my lunch.    That’s how I purchased a kilo of table salt!


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