LPG connection

At Serampore College we were given a family quarters and we went there with our eldest son who was three months old.  We had to do cooking for ourselves since we were in the family quarters.  We prayed that the Lord would make provision for us to buy an LPG stove and connection.  Answer reached us right in time!

At HBI when I was unmarried, Dr. O.M.Samuel was there as my colleague.  Because we both of us were from assembly background, we used to be together where ever we went.  He resigned his job after one year and went back to US to do his doctoral work.  He told me to tell him when I would resign from HBI.  He said he would do everything possible to help me go for further studies. The actual words he used were, “I would do every thing for you as I would do to my own brother”.  I truly appreciate him for saying that.  He remains a very good friend of ours even today. 

But when I resigned the job I did not inform any one.  Even to OMS who made such a wonderful promise to me, I did not write.  One year after he went to US he wanted to send me a gift.  Since he did not know for sure where I was, he sent the gift to Joyce’s father and asked him to forward it to us.  It was Rs.250/- and just sufficient for a new LPG connection and a single stove.  How we praise God for His wonderful provision in our life.


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