Job resigned for full time service

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Though the Lord was calling me for full time service and to live a life trusting Him alone for all my material needs, I did not have the courage to do so.   For nearly seven years the Lord has been speaking to me about accepting a life of faith.  But I did not respond positively.

Then came that day.  I was all alone in that five storied building meant for more than a hundred people.  It was the month of May.  College had closed for summer and therefore the hostel was empty.  I had to continue in the college as I had the responsibility of the registrar that summer selecting students for the following year.  There would be people in the offices in the ground floor from 9 am to5 pm.  By five all would leave the building.  My apartment was in that building as I was the warden for boys.  My wife was away  for confinement.

That evening I was particularly dejected.  I came to the room after office hours and I was reclining on bed after preparing dinner for myself.  It was 7 pm and the transistor was on at the FEBA radio station.  Various Christian programs came one after another and I was passively listening to them.  Then came a Malayalam program.   I knew the preacher as I had met him once.  It was Pastor P.D. Johnson of the Assemblies of God.  His text for that evening was 2 Cor.5:7.  “We live by faith and not by sight”.  In his characteristic way he was explaining the verse rather interestingly.  He said some thing like this.  God called Moses for a gigantic job.  Though Moses gave a lot of excuses in the beginning, at last he decided to yield to the call of God.  Moses did not sit down and calculate the amount of money needed for the task.  If he had done that, probably he would not have been able to obey God.  The preacher went on to say that many are not able to obey God because they sit down and calculate the amount needed for the work.  Then the preacher said,  “let us imagine how much money Moses would have needed if  it was to-day i.e. l975.  Remember there are 2 million people in all.  For breakfast let’s say 50p. per head.  That will be Rs.1 million for breakfast alone!  What of lunch?  That will be another 2 million.  If Moses had calculated like this, would he ever have obeyed God?  He would never have.  Then why do you calculate?  Why don’t you obey God if God is calling you for His work?”  As I was listening to the message, I knew I was reluctant to obey God because I was calculating as to how my needs would be met.  Then the preacher went on to say that God of Moses is still alive and He is still calling people for His work and if someone obey Him He will do the same thing as He did for Moses.  The preacher said God never promised Moses that He would provide manna.  But He did what He did not promise.  God of Moses is alive to day.

As I listened to the message, I knew it was for me.  The Lord told me, “All these years I have been calling you and you have been reluctant to obey.  Now this is the last time I will call you for My work.  But if you come out now, I will prove that I am alive.  I will feed you with manna.”  I could not say ‘No’ to God this time.  I got up from my bed and wrote my resignation and submitted it the following day and came out of my work.

I went to Madurai where my wife was expecting the arrival of our first baby.  I told her that I came after resigning my job.  She had no problem about it as I had told her before marriage about my call in life.  When she asked me what was the next plan.   I said the Lord would lead us.  I did not know what to do next.  I did not send out a prayer letter saying that we have come out for full time ministry.   Unknown to any man, the Lord led us the first three and a half years most miraculously.  We proved to our satisfaction that God of Moses is alive today.   We never lacked anything any time.  Everything needed was there right in time.  It was during this period I did my M.Th. and took our SIL training.   Thereafter the local assembly commended us to the service of the Lord in l979.  Yes, 32 years have passed since I resigned my job.  The Lord led us step by step thus far providing us with fresh manna every day.  (Manna means ‘what!’).  Praise be to His Holy Name.


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