Selvaraj took me to one of the houses where there was a patient for several years.  Philip Rajan hailed from Kerala.  His parents came to work in tea estate in Aravenu.  Though Rajan’s brothers and sisters were in Kerala, Rajan  was with his parents in Nilgiris. Now his parents went back to Kerala but Rajan stayed back to continue in estate as supervisor.  He married a girl from Tamil background.  They were happily living for some time. 

Then struck a misfortune in the family.  She became sick of paralysis and was bed ridden for several years.  By the time we went there it was more than five years and Rajan had tried all known sources to relieve her of her sickness. All medicines failed.  So they turned to secret acts.  Nothing worked for her.  It was very pathetic to see the family in that situation.  They were in their late twenties.  She could not cover herself with a woolen blanket as the weight of the blanket would give her pain.  In Nilgiris one cannot live without blanket! Just imagine the plight.

We went there every Saturday evening for half an hour.  We will sing a song, read a portion from the Bible, say a few words and then pray as she would be just lying on her bed.  Rajan would give us a cup of tea.  We would come away.  No one imagined that a miracle was in the offing!  We continued quietly for months and slowly her pain subsided and she began to get up from her bed all by herself which she had not done for years! This happened now without any medicine as a direct answer to our humble prayers.  Before the end of the year she reached her normalcy.  No one acclaimed us as it was quiet and very slow.  In a couple of years she became pregnant and eventually became the mother of two.   Every one in the locality knew about this incident.

Rajan and his wife continued as friends and they continued to come to meetings with us. They are witnesses of other mighty works of the Lord in other lives. But tragically they never committed their lives to Christ though they knew for sure that it was the Lord who healed her.  Rajan remained a nominal Christian after twenty five years when I met him at the reception arranged for our second son, Rajan said his wife was showing symptoms of her old disease now.  What a tragedy!  Though they experienced the power of God in their lives first hand, they never let that power to transform their lives and become God’s children.  There are many like them in my experience.


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