First baptism

We went to Kotagiri for worship and fellowship on Sundays. During week days every morning I went to the village for language learning.  Five evenings a week we went for cottage meetings or Bible study in different places.  I was not very fluent in Tamil but I started reading Tamil Bible for the sake of ministering in Tamil.

One of the first contacts we had at Aravenu was Bro.Selvaraj who was from Rob Roy estate.  He approached me to learn spoken English.  Though he never learnt spoken English from me, we became good friends.  He was a baptized member from Open Bible Church.  He had so many questions about spiritual matters and I spent several hours discussing and clearing his doubts.  He became my associate as I went for evening out reach. 

Jayakrishnan was the post man at Aravenu.  Though he was from a Hindu background, he had accepted Christ and was continuing without any church affiliation.  He was very happy to see me in Aravenu as there was no other Christian worker in that Area.  He opened his house for Bible study and in six months he was ready for baptism.

Jayaprakash was another staff at Aravenu post office.  He was a young chap of about 26 years and no one would doubt any thing about him as he quietly worked in the office.  But through Jayakrishnan I came to know that he was a drunkard of the first order.  Once he was admitted in the hospital for vomiting blood.  But after getting discharged from the hospital he could not get over his habit though doctors warned him not to have any thing with alcohol any more.  By the grace of God, Jayaprakash   began to attend Bible studies in Jayakrishnan’s house and the Lord gave him grace to get over the habit slowly.  He too accepted the Lord and they both were ready for baptism at the same time. 

Selvaraj was helping me during those days and we fixed a date for baptism.   Selvaraj located a place along the brook which ran near his estate suitable for baptism.  But for some reason he changed his mind and asked permission from estate to use one of their tanks for baptism.  This meant less work as the first place located must be made ready clearing the place and making sure that water was deep enough.  We had our baptism in the estate tank and every thing went on well.  After the service was over, we came to know that there was a dead body in the brook near the estate.  Later we discovered it was exactly in the same place where we had planned our baptism.  If we had stuck on to our decision to have baptism there, who knows, we would have been the first ones who would see the body  and our baptism should have been postponed!


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