Appeal for a spool tape-recorder

When I decided to go to Nilgiris to learn Kurumba language, my home assembly gave us their commendation letter.  The weekly news paper of General Young Men’s Evangelical Fellowship of Kerala published my testimony.  Write-up was made by Bro.K. V. Mathew of Mannarathara.  I was glad to see brethren encouraging me in my decision.  Many came forward to support the ministry.  The Lord regulated the coming of finance very meticulously and we never had any lack or any surplus any time.  We are truly grateful to His fatherly care in our lives.

For our work we needed a spool tape-recorder which would help us hear the recorded matter again and again without touching button again and again.  While in England we were trained how to make tape loops for the same.  It was a part of our training program. So when we went to Nilgiris we were on the look out for one.  But we could not buy one in the market as they were no more sold in market. Cassette tape recorders had come in to voge .  But such were lying around in many houses in those days unused.  So I thought it a good idea to make my need known to brethren by the same YMEF weekly.  They obliged and they announced my need saying Bro. Mathew Paul was in need of a spool tape recorder for his language learning and as it was not available in the market any more, brother would be grateful if some one would came forward to donate one.  No one reading the weekly would miss that ad.  It was very conspicuous. I waited for a few weeks and there was no response.  Then came a letter from a brother asking me to visit him in his house.  He did not tell why he asked me to go but I fixed an appointment and went to see him in his house.  We had some friendly chat and he gave me a cup of tea and I asked him why he wanted me to come.  Then he showed me a spool tape recorder on his front table and he asked me whether that was the type needed for my work.  Yes, indeed it was the type needed.  I said, “yes”.  I was very enthused thinking that he was going to give it to me.  After a minute of silence he said,  “I just wanted to find out whether that was the type you needed.  This is not to be given to you.”  I was shocked to the core.  I said, “Thank you for showing it to me.” I returned home rather dejected.  I don’t remember now whether he gave me any gift that day or not.  I don’t think he did it either.

Any way the Lord asked me to learn a lesson from that experience.   I decided that I would never again make any of my needs known to man.  Scripture is very clear.  “Let your requests be made known to God” (Php.4:6).  I must thank the Lord for teaching me that lesson very early in my life though through a rather painful experience. ..


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